What do you need to make cold brew coffee?

Now many people are aware of the cold brew coffee and this is the method of brewing the coffee using the cold water. It can be immersed for at least 12 up to 20 hours according to the taste and the recipe you like most. The results are a smooth and also a rich and unique sweet coffee that comes with a distinct taste compared to the traditional iced coffee.

Many coffee retailers are now rushing to include the cold brew coffee at the menus and they capitalize on the demand behind the cold brew. Many people are learning about what it is and it is creating new demand and it is the great time for everyone to add the cold brew on the menu.  If you are not aware of how you can make the cold brew, you have to learn how to do it at www.speedwellcoffee.com.

Before you brew the coffee, you should have a keg and its tap. This will ensure that your coffee is fresh. When it comes to coffee, fresh is the right thing, when you have brewed the coffee and you put it in the keg and store it under the refrigerated pressure which offer nitrogen and not oxygen, then this coffee will stay fresh for a long time.

It is faster: when you have already set up the keg with the tap system, you will be able to serve the brew in few seconds. There is no need to open fridges, getting the iced coffee or pouring out the drink or putting back the coffee in a fridge.  You only have to take up the cup, to rock the handle and you have already fresh cold brew that will be flowing into your cup.  You will be able to serve many customers in a small period.

Visit www.speedwellcoffee.com to learn more about what you need to make the cold brew. Cold brew system is used for making cold brew. It is the system that has been trusted for a long period and it is popular in the commercial stores.  It can be used to make up to five gallons of the cold brew at once. It is easy to use, inexpensive and simple.

Kegerator is the refrigerator used for the keg and it comes with the tap at its top.  As the refrigerators, it has many options and they vary based on the price or quality. When you are buying for the restaurant, you have to be careful on the certifications from NSF. It is also good to make the notes on how such units cool or vent. When you plant to slide kegerator within the counter, you should check if the kegerator vent out at the front of a unit.

Keg should be easy to use and should have a top that unlocks to make it easy to fill with the cold brew. It has been used in the soda industry for many years and they are available in reconditioned status. The regulator is used to control the flow of the gas into the keg. You should get a nitrogen regulator and its gas supplier.