The Best Massage Recliner

Recliners having a massage feature are a common sight nowadays. Most of the companies and brands that were manufacturing recliners are now producing massage recliners to offer more comfort to the customers. However, not all massage recliners are made the same. Most of the ones available on the market aren’t that reliable and fail to offer much relaxation and relief from back pain to the people. Cozzia massage chair is one of best massage recliner you will find anywhere on the market. Not only does it offer instant relief from the backache you are having but also provides comfort and relaxation to you as well. Moreover, you get three exciting therapeutic functions with the Cozzia massage chair too. Read on to find out more about this amazing massage recliner.

Standout Features of cozzia massage chair

The following are some of the standout features of the cozzia massage chair, which makes it the top-rated massage recliner on the market right now.


The Cozzia massage chair is quite durable even though it has been made using a light-weight material. It is very compact in design and has a stylish outlook. This incredible massage recliner is one of Cozzia’s most reliable and best-selling models and the reason for it is that it has been constructed with functionality and durability in mind. You can rest assured that it will pass the test of time and remain usable for a long period.

Customizable Design

One of the greatest features of the cozzia massage chair is its customizable design. You can set the shoulder height of the chair according to your body size. This allows you to sit on the chair in a more comfortable manner and get the full use out of the massage and therapeutic features offered by this amazing massage recliner. In addition to this, there is the feature of motorized foot extension available too which gives you the chance to get your feet up in the air and sit in a relaxed manner on the chair.

3 Different Therapeutic Functions

The cozzia massage chair offers three different therapeutic functions to you. The first one is the shiatsu therapy function which offers complete stress relief by massaging the hands. The Jacuzzi therapy function is the second one which targets the muscles of the body and reduces soreness by enhancing the blood circulation in them. The third therapy function is heating which involves the use of heat to soothe the muscles present in and around the lumbar region of the spine.

Availability of Multiple Massage Options

In addition to the therapeutic functions, multiple massage options are provided by the cozzia massage chair too. It offers you the chance to massage your thighs as well as your shoulders. A full massage workup is offered by this massage recliner which will help in relaxing your body and taking away all the stress that you would no doubt be feeling when you come back from a hard day’s work.

Zero-gravity Mode

The cozzia massage chair has a zero-gravity mode as well. This is a special feature that has been added to this massage recliner. The primary function of this mode is to give a rapid soothing feeling to the muscles.

Timer, LCD and Wireless Controller

All of the therapeutic, massage and zero-gravity modes and functions can be controlled using the LCD and the wireless controller that are sold along with the cozzia massage chair. These controllers offer you the chance to remain in control of all the functions that this chair has to offer you. There is a timer available too which keeps track of the timing of the massage and therapy sessions. You can program it to last for anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes.