Key steps to write a cover letter

It is not a simple task to write a cover letter instead it requires skills and experience. If you have relevant experience and knowledge then you can write a best document or letter. You can get help from online source. You will find there wide range of samples for guidance and help. You can follow the same format and steps to write cover letters. Each kind of covering letter has its own specific requirements. If you know these requirements then you can seek your goal with ease. There are also available three types of cover letters. Each type of letter has its own specific features and properties. If you are a novice or beginner then you should try to follow some basic steps to write a comprehensive covering letter. These steps are given below.

Know the job requirements:

Prior to write a cover letter, you should know the basic job requirements. If you know the job requirements then you can describe relevant experience and skills in the covering letter. Hence it is a first step to write the introduction letter.

Know the person to address:

You should know the person to address in the covering letter. If you know the name of that person you should address to name. Otherwise you can address to position of that person like manager, controller, deputy director and others.


Now write the topic of your covering letter. If you are applying for the post of scientific officer then you can write the topic as “application for the post of scientific officer” in topic. It will give a clear idea to the employer about your desired post. You can remove the source of confusion in this way.

Make first paragraph catchy or attractive:

The first paragraph of your cover letter should catch the attention of employer. Hence it is necessary to give more attention or focus on this paragraph. Use only relevant sentence, words or information in the first paragraph. Do not try to waste the time of employer otherwise he will reject your application. Nobody have time to read your detailed covering letter. Therefore try to deliver your message in minimum words.

Describe your eligibility for the target post:

Now you should describe your skills, experience and qualifications relevant to the target post in the second paragraph. You should describe that you are eligible for the required post. If you have unique or particular features you can describe in this paragraph with ease. The second paragraph is also very important in the covering letter. It should win the attention of employer.

Insist the employer for interview:

You should write the words or statements which insist the employer to conduct interview at the soonest. You can ask that you are ready for the interview anytime. Use some statements to win the heart of the employer like respected sir, kindly and please.

Write your name and contacts:

Prior to finish the covering letter, it is necessary to write your name, contact number and city name so that employer can contact your with ease.