What is Automation of Work and Who Can Do It Well For You?

Automation of work has truly simplified life. People and companies are now so revolutionized in the way they work. But do they care how all this happened? Few would stop and imagine how technology development has altered how business was done in the past. A company like 360ai is one of the most respected agents of change with regard to automation and Artificial Intelligence. It is where you want to be if you are a corporate or staff that urgently needs to control and manage big data. This service provider will automate your data management via special software tools. Automation is so imperative, if you want to simplify work at the office and expand your operations.

Benefits of automation of work

  • Paperless billing – An automated billing workflow sends invoices instantly through a database server. This gets rid of human error that results when staffs have to manually sort through documents before mailing private data to each person.
  • Quick alteration of cloud documents – If you haven’t shifted your operations to the cloud, a great service provider 360ai can help. The moment your documents are put in the cloud, you will officially adopt cloud computing. It will then be easier for multiple users to edit and alter documents in a quick manner.
  • Easier recruitment work – Automated applicant tracking system has really helped HR professionals during recruitment. They only have to ask interested job applicants to send their resumes and cover letters via their tracking system. After that, the personnel staff can review documents that have already well organized via different settings.
  • Keep workers active and informed – An automated workflow ensures that workers get instant alerts like emails, project management alerts, calendars and other quick reminders. This can ensure that staffs complete their tasks on time and avoid unnecessary mistakes.
  • Save time on all kinds of testing – When you get your system updated from manual to digital, all tests you do and take a lot of time will be simplified. Whether these are software, web links or QA tests, an automated system is all you need to do them repeatedly without making mistakes. As well, automated testing can also allow continuous release of reports and results to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Successful e-Commerce transactions – Big auction sites such as Amazon and EBay are able to track all their recent shopping history and automatically generate related items. So it helps to have a similar automated tracking method to boost your purchases and revenues.

There are several areas of your business that can perform exceptionally well the moment you automate your workflows and processes. Whether it is HR, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, procurement and supplies, or billing and invoicing, automation can really help. It can bring about high accuracy, quality servicing and excellent overall business performance. In addition, difficult managerial work can be simplified and quickened to an extent that managers can focus more on making decisions that can cause business growth and progress.

As you don’t want to make any mistakes, we would advise you to hire a company like 360ai that knows its work well and can be depended on. Although it is an upcoming business in the fields of machine language, automation of work, Artificial Intelligence and big data management, this company is your last resort. Owners are well-educated, experienced and fully-dependable. Each of their online-based service is affordable and reachable to everybody who wants to automate their business processes right now. This is the service provider you need to save time and money and get the value you deserve. So don’t hesitate to browse and get in touch with the owners.

What Techniques Are Used For Effective Sales Forecasting

Effective and accurate sales forecasting are crucial for the success of any organization. Managers and leaders of companies rely on sales prediction which helps them plan for the future and incorrect predictions can result in serious problems for the company. As a matter of fact, there is no existence of any universal solution for forecasting sales. What is right varies from one company to another and is dependent upon a number of factors including robustness of the CRM platform, the level of trust of the organization in its sales team as well as intuition. Below mentioned are some effective sales forecasting techniques that will helpful in developing a successful strategy for your business.

Sales Forecast by Opportunity Stages

To win the chances of forecasting accurately, sales managers need to develop a deep understanding of their sales pipeline and the stages of the sales cycle. As soon as the stages are determined, managers’ should estimate the success rate at every stage so as to accurately forecast the sale probability at closing. For example, if 50 percent of all the deals that make through the quote stage and ends up in closing, the prospects of sales in that stage will be 50-50 success and failure. Although, making sales predictions on the basis of stages may be imperfect, however, it is still a useful method for determining the sales number for that quarter.

Sales Forecast by Length of Sales Cycle

This is a number-focused approach for forecasting sales and is based on the length of the sales cycle as well as on the age of the deal. Sales managers and team should be able to calculate the length of the sales cycle and on the probability of closing of the deal overtime. Through this technique, companies are able to forecast different types of deals. These deals are categorized as new customer, existing customer or returning customer and the size of the probable quote. To make an accurate sales forecast through this method involves entering all information accurate within CRM at every interaction. It is very important to categorize and tag everything within the system so that sales predictions become accurate.

Forecasting By Using Regression Analysis

Forecasting sales through regression analysis is a more mathematically accurate way and require sales managers to have a solid grasp on the tangible factors and tangible statistics that hold an impact on the success of sales. When the relationship between stats and variables is inferred, an effective sales forecast can be made. Using regression analysis is a very accurate technique; however, it can be used by larger corporations who have the resources to employ mathematicians and data analysts.

Forecasting By Pipeline Intuition

Those sales managers who have a deep trust on their representatives use this method for forecasting sales. This technique relies on those reps who will offer within their pipeline instead of staying attached with pre-set stages. An example can be if a prospect is still in its qualifying stage, however, a rep is able to determine the rate of success of that prospect based upon his experience with that type of customer. Although, this technique for sales forecast is not as accurate as required, however, it can still provide an insight to the managers as to how sales will move on in future. It requires a great deal of practicality for the reps, to be honest about their potential of being successful, however, a right manager with a right team can derive excellent results through this technique also.

A successful sales team is led by a manager who not only has the potential to motivate his team to sell, but there should also be present a strong sense about how numbers can affect a business. A fact here is that sales forecast is both subjective and objective. No matter how accurate the calculations are, they are not 100% accurate. The technique which will work best depends on both the forecasting method and the experience and intuition of sales managers.